Our food

Years in the making

Pepe’s has spent years on perfecting the flavours of it’s freshly cooked chicken. Our exclusive marinades have been developed by our amazing development chefs to allow our chicken to taste like no other chicken.

The care and thought in cooking Pepe’s products, gives our food its distinctive flavour and taste.

Fresh to the last dip

The same attention to detail is taken when creating our fantastic dips. We don’t ‘buy in’ our dips but make them fresh daily in store, so that they complement our menu, adding to that unique taste across all our products.

Simply great ingredients

The care that is taken in the preparation and cooking of our food is mirrored in the sourcing of our ingredients. Pepe’s is fresh and flamed grilled with our famous range of Piri Piri flavours. We love our menu and hope you do too.